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Next Adventure

After living out my last dream of creating Ludie Allied Institute, I was ready for my next adventure.

I’ve always known that I wanted to help people. That is why I chose my profession in nursing. That was a way I knew I could help others. That is also why I opened my school and taught wound care in nursing.

I had a new dream and I was more than ready to begin my next journey. I decided my first step to make my dream a reality was to attend Jack Canfield’s seminar and go to his “Train the Trainers” seminars.

After I received my certification. I was ready for my next step, to begin to do my seminars in the steps to success.

I knew how it felt to live out your dreams. Accomplishing several of my previous dreams like running a successful business with opening my daycares, graduating nursing school and become the head nurse in Riker’s Island as well as my latest success of opening my school, Ludie Allied Institute.

I loved the way it felt to live your dreams and I was ready to arm others with the necessary tools to live out their dreams.

So, The Davoren Group was born. I worked hard and made sure I had talented people on my team and began working the many hours on putting the seminars and the website together as well as finishing up my book.

I knew if I wanted this dream to come true I had to stop dreaming and start doing.

Living your dreams are so much sweeter than dreaming your dreams.

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