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Norene Thomas Davoren, CEO

After many years of working for the Nestlé Company, I made the decision to leave and follow my passion. Although working with Nestle Company gave me the opportunity to gain success and live a very comfortable life, I felt as if I needed to do more to help others. This essentially led me to pursue a career in nursing, and in 1989, I graduated nursing school as a Registered Nurse. After becoming a RN, I combined the skills I obtained from the corporate world, and the nurturing nature required to be a nurse and decided to open my own business. I called my daycare Reach & Grow. Business thrived and afforded me the opportunity to open several other daycares in Queens, NY.

Being a successful entrepreneur and running a string of daycares allowed me to help others, but it was nothing like the satisfaction I received working in the nursing field. Consequently, I returned back to my nursing roots and began working for Riker’s Island Prison System, where I began as a staff nurse. For many years I worked extremely hard, climbing their ladder of success and eventually becoming the On Site Director of Nursing.

I had a very rewarding career at Riker’s. Not only did I get to help nurse ill people back to health, but I also got to experience working with a lot of troubled men from all backgrounds. I heard many stories from these individuals and was able to encourage, motivate, and inspire them to do better and to transform their lives for the better.

Riker’s also gave me a lot of experience with taking care of wounds. This interaction re-ignited the entrepreneurial spirit and made me realize that aside from treating wounds, I could also teach other nurses and doctors on how to treat, manage, and prevent wounds. Fortunately for me, there was a high demand for this type of training. I decided to call this new venture Wound Care Plus. After careful planning and lots of research I presented my very first seminar in 2006. I presented at least one seminar per month and more when the demand was higher.

Over time, I felt as if what I was doing did not reach or teach enough people. I wanted to do more to inspire, motivate, empower, and transform lives as mine had been. As a result of this desire, I opened Ludie Allied Institute, a training program for nurse aids, phlebotomists and EKG therapists. In addition to teaching, I returned back to school to obtain my Masters degree. I consistently researched and trained to continue my own personal development. One of the most influential trainings I received was from “The Jack Canfield Training Group” in which I trained and graduated with my certification. This training prepared me for greater heights, more opportunities, and my next endeavor… The Davoren Group.

The Davoren Group is an organization that motivates, inspires, and empowers people. The Davoren Group offers preparation to help reinvent oneself. This includes guidance on decisions concerning business and careers, and also offers coaching to those who have issues in relationships, finance or gaining success. The Davoren Group provides seminars with principles and steps to get from where you are, to where you want to be. The Davoren group also serves and empowers the community by giving back and helping out in many public events.